Football legend Thierry Henry, using his own example, tried to explain to Kylian Mbappe how to deal with the current situation in which he finds himself and is not happy at PSG.

Without going into the problems that Mbappe has with the management of PSG and the generally bad atmosphere that has been created around the club, Henry said that Mbappe must at all times respect the crest he plays for and that at no time should it be shown that he is bigger and more important than the club.

In addition, he, using his example, explained to him that sometimes things in football are not ideal, but that sacrifices must be made for the team.

“No one likes to do what is not good. But there is something that is bigger than anything else, and that is the club. Did they make him feel like the club is the most important thing or that he feels more important than the club?” Henry said first.

Then the player who won every major trophy in his career with France, but also with clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona, ​​has shown an example of his own.
“I will use my example. I hated playing on the wing at Barcelona, ​​but I did it for the team. I don’t know how many goals I have scored in my career, but I had to play in the end where the coach said. I haven’t heard anyone say it’s a ‘nice gesture’.

Finally, he sent a clear message to Mbappe and advised him on how to behave in the coming period.
“There is only one rule: If the coach asks you to do something, do it for the good of the whole team. If it’s bad, then argue with the coach”, underlined Henry.

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