Losing a child is the greatest pain a parent can experience. Lorenzo Insigne and Genny Dorone lost their daughter in the middle of September in the sixth month of pregnancy.

An unexpected tragedy and unbearable pain for the 31-year-old, who in the summer ended his adventure with the team of his heart, Napoli, and chose to continue his MLS career in Toronto.

The left forward has broken his silence by telling about the great difficulties he and his wife have encountered during this period.
” In recent weeks I had to face personal problems, but maybe not everyone knows the reasons. I am clarifying to you all: my wife and I have lost a daughter, who will always be in our hearts.

I find it terribly difficult to talk about this subject. We have two children and thanks to them we will try to move forward “, declared the former captain of Napoli, who won Euro 2020 with the Italian national team last year.

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