There are less than five weeks left until the start of the World Championship ‘Qatar 2022’.
There has never been a more talked about World Cup than this year’s, after all.

Many analysts and former soccer players or soccer coaches have criticized Qatar for the way the stadiums are built, accusing them of a lack of human rights, or even for the fact that the World Cup will take place in winter.
On the other hand, there have been strong statements from the organizers that fans of the LGBTQ+ community would be arrested if they go to Qatar and carry their flag.

But now that there are less than five weeks left until the start of the World Cup, the main man of this great event Nasser Al-Khater has said that they welcome everyone in their country.
In an interview with Sky Sports, Al-Khater Al-Khater sent a message of safety to the LGBTQ+ community.
“Everyone will feel safe in Qatar,” Al-Khater said.

“We have always said that everyone is welcome here. What we ask for is respect for our culture,” Nasser Al-Khater answered in the interview when asked if fans will be allowed to carry the rainbow flag on the street.

The journalist wanted to make sure of Al-Kahter’s statement and asked him to send a message to the LGBTQ+ collective.
“Everyone is welcome here and everyone will feel safe in Qatar”, stressed Al-Khater.
“Does that include gay fans if they carry the flags in public, would that be OK?” the reporter continued. “Yes,” assured Al-Khater.

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