The World Cup will start on November 20 with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. Before the opening of the competition, the CEO of the project Nasser Al-Khater gave an interview to Sky Sports.
He spoke about the most controversial issues before the start of the competition. Although homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, Al-Khater sent a message of calm to the LGBTQ+ community.

“Everyone is welcome here and everyone will feel safe when they come to Qatar. What we ask for is respect for our culture”, he said.

The reporter also asked him if there would be problems if homosexuals held hands in public.

“There will be no problem”, said Al-Khater.

We recall that in June he declared that: “Anyone who will carry the colored flag at the World Cup will be arrested for 7 or 11 years. We are an Islamic country and our religion, beliefs and culture must be respected.”

The reasons that pushed the World CEO to change his decision are not yet known.

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