Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima had a rich career, which was crowned in 2002 at the World Cup in Japan and South Korea.
Then, with eight goals, after some brutal knee injuries and surgeries, he led Brazil to a fifth title.

On the eve of the semi-final match with Turkey, Ronaldo shocked the world with a never-before-seen hairstyle.
He was bald, except for the front of his head, where he left a small “patch” of hair.
In an interview for British television, the presenter recalled the episode when his mother called him while returning by plane to Brazil.

She asked him what made him cut his hair like that and did not mention what her son had won, the biggest trophy in football.
Ronaldo laughed and confirmed it was true.

“Yeah, she hated that haircut. Not only her, millions of mothers around the world hated me and it continues to this day because they all cut their hair like that. I apologize to everyone, I’m very sorry”, said the legendary football player, laughing.

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