After leaving Milan and winning the European championship, Gianluigi Donnarumma has experienced a really complicated period. He struggled terribly to impose himself on PSG and often gave way to Navas.

With the arrival of Galtier, everything seems to have changed. The coach made a clear decision, letting the starting Italian play. Thus, the former red and black footballer was always activated from the first minute. Now it is ready too completely convince even under the Eiffel Tower.
For Donnarumma, however, the future will not necessarily be in Paris forever. The player, who has always said that he is a super fan of Milan, could return to Italy. A hypothesis that his agent Rafaela Pimenta has not completely ruled out: “Will he return to Italy? I know that things are going well in Paris and that Gigio finds himself magnificently. But nobody knows the future, so we can’t talk noW… The way of acting for the managers of the management agency, after the death of Mino Raiola, does not seem to have changed.

Milan are certainly not thinking about Gianluigi Donnarumma. Mike Maignan is proving to be the best goalkeeper in Serie A and fans certainly don’t miss the 1999-born extreme defender.

But in Italy, as is well known, there are those who are ready to welcome him with open arms, those who dream of having him at the gate. In the summer of his farevwell with Milan, everything seemed ready for his transfer to
The Whites, however, failed to create space for him, giving up on Szczesny and the signing of Donnarumma could be delayed. On the other hand, the relations between Pimenta and the Whites, as the Pogba affair shows, are more than excellent.

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