Dani Alves, the former Barcelona player, shared on his Instagram account the special experience of living an “El Clasico” in the stands of the “Santiago Bernabeu” as an ordinary fan:

“You always have to have a lot of personality to experience things that one has never experienced. I experienced Sunday’s classic in a different way, with different sensations and an incredible desire to be inside” wrote the current player of Pumas de la UNAM (next to his photo among the fans) to his 37.3 million followers. his on Instagram.
“I was surrounded badly, but I endured like a champion”, Dani Alves wrote further, accompanying his comment with a laughing “emoji”
Regarding Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Barcelona, the 39-year-old wrote that “unfortunately for the Catalans, it
was not the expected result”.

“TO encourage your team is to love them even when things are not going well, to support them when the day is not the best. You also never stop loving him, no matter what happens,” said Dani Alves as a message to Barcelona fans in these moments of crisis for Xavi Hernandez’s team.

Regarding Dani Alves’ trip to Madrid to cheer on Barcelona at the “Santiago Bernabeu” in “El Clasico”, his wife, the model Joana Sanz, asked the footballer to write that “you fell asleep, missed your flight and had to buy another ticket”

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