Neymar had a not-so-short journey after playing in Le Classique against Marseille on Sunday night.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward appeared on trial for fraud and corruption charges in Barcelona.

And after arriving at court early on Monday morning, Neymar was allowed to leave before lunch to help him recover from the weekend game, with his lawyer claiming he was tired after playing and took a drug test after the match.
Brazilian investment firm DIS has called for the Paris Saint-Germain striker to be sentenced to five years in prison and a £130m fine.

But Spanish prosecutors are reportedly seeking a two-year prison sentence and a €10 million fine for Neymar.

They are also seeking a five-year prison sentence for former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell and a fine of nine million euros for the club.

DIS owned 40 percent of Neymar’s rights at the time of his transfer from Santos to Barcelona in 2013.

The company claims they lost out on a fair share of the fee because star Neymar was sold for less than his worth.
Barcelona paid €55m at the time to sign the Brazil international from Santos, with €40m paid to his family.

DIS invested two million euros in buying part of Neymar’s rights when he was 17 and received a 40 percent stake of the €15 million left over from the transfer.

And they argue that they should have received more money.

His lawyers argued that “the rules of free competition do not work as the transfer from one club to another depends on the free will of the player”.
Neymar arrived at Barcelona Provincial Court and is one of nine defendants to stand trial on corruption charges, along with his parents and their company N&N, which manages his affairs.

Neymar previously denied allegations of fraud and corruption, but lost a Spanish Supreme Court appeal in 2017, so the trial has now been called by Spanish prosecutors.

The attacker is due to attend the first day of the trial and will give evidence on Friday, but it is not clear whether he will be in court for the full duration of the two-week period.

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