Fans are masters of the art of creatinga virtue of necessity. No one like sports fans, and especially football fans, can organize themselves so as not to miss the matches of their favorite teams.

Even in prohibitive conditions, a way iIS found tO witness the long-awaited event, complete with transport, managing to combine business with pleasure. An example comes straight from England, and has been on the Scene for the past few hours.
The match in question was one of those that are not missing, namely the challenge between Liverpool and Manchester City. Salah’s goal came in the 76th minute and all those Liverpool fans who couldn’t watch the match live at Anfield went wild with excitement.

Among them are those who have gathered with family and friends at home to try to support their favorites from a distance. All this must also be faced with very special conditions. This happened for example to Lewis Jones, a big football fan and Liverpool fan, who posted a video on Twitter to show how he and his relatives and friends watched the big game.
The reaction to Salah’s goal was particularly captured in the images. Lewis and three other people, behind the goil, let themselves go in joy, dancing and moving uncontrollably, Iiterally unstoppable.

All this, however, without saying a word, in a surreal silence. The reason was revealed by the same protagonist and author of the video: it is forbidden to scream or make noise due to the presence of a happily sleeping baby in the room.
A very nice scene, with the goal among other things achieved: little actually did not wake up, as shown at the end of the content, which went viral on Twitter. In short, all went well at the Jones house for a Sunday to adjust.

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