Barcelona suffered defeat in El Clasico, after being defeated by Real Madrid with a score of 3-1. Karim Benzema, Federico Valverde and Rodrygo scored for the locals, while Ferran Torres scored the only goal for the Catalans.

But not everyone was happy at the end of the match, with the Barcelona leaders left disappointed with the final epilogue. Barcelona president Joan Laporta was not satisfied with the distribution of justice and went to the referees of the match in the dressing room. theirs.
It was the referee Sanchez Martinez who wrote in the match report about the situation in question, revealing that Laporta went to their dressing room asking for an explanation. Barcelona’s Joan Laporta approached the officials repeatedly asking for explanations for some situations in the match.

“Based on these events, he was invited to leave the referee’s dressing room, without creating further incidents”, wrote the referee Sánchez Martinez in the match report. It is not the first time that the leaders of Barcelona ask for further explanations from the referees after the matches. However, Barcelona has recently complained in several matches about the distribution of justice in both La Liga and the Champions League

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