The legend of Manchester United, Patrice Evra, last night commented on the Premier League derby between Manchester United and Tottenham (2-0) for CBS Sport.

During the interview, he did what many think is too much even for him, since he is known for interesting things.

“This place is special for me, I call it home. It’s a bit windy, but don’t worry, I’ll ask someone to turn off the air conditioner”, said Evra, smiling.

Then the Frenchman bent down, tore off a piece of grass and put it in his mouth and chewed it.

“Every time I come here, I enjoy the grass. It tastes like onions, but it’s always the same. This is my home…”, Evra declared while chewing grass.

His co-commentator Roberto Martinez looked on in amazement, while Thierry Henry laughed out loud.
Let’s remember, Evra came to United in 2006 from Monaco and left for Juventus eight years later.

He played 379 games for United, won 14 trophies and was once the captain of the team.

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