Hard times are going through Cristiano Ronaldo, who is in the most difficult moment of his career at Manchester United.

He stays on the bench a lot, barely plays, doesn’t score, isn’t a protagonist and has tension with the coach.

A difficult situation that beyond anger, personal concern or his pulse with Erik ten Hag, has also caused the devaluation of CR7 in the market. Cristiano’s value is at a minimum both on the field and in his performance, numbers and goals which have dropped significantly; as is his price, which is near a career low.
At Real Madrid, the most expensive

Cristiano Ronaldo became Real Madrid’s most expensive signing in 2009 with the 96 million euros that the Los Blancos club paid for him, exactly at Manchester United.

His spectacular performance at the Santiago Bernabéu increased his price to €120 million, which he achieved in 2014, 2015 and 2018, according to data from Transfermarkt.
Later, Juventus paid Real Madrid 112 million for CR7 in the summer of 2018. Four years later, those staggering figures are a long way off.

Of the 10 matches played to date in the Premier League, the Portuguese has played eight of them, but only two as a starter, for a total of 340 minutes. CR7 has scored only one goal in the championship and another in the Europa League.
The 171st player in the Premier League…

For all this, its value in the market has fallen. At the moment, according to data from Transfermarkt, the price of the Portuguese player would be 20 million euros, less than half of his valuation of 45 million euros that was in June 2021, just a few months before he arrived at Man United .
Cristiano’s decline has seen him take the 15th place in the ‘red devils’ squad in terms of price.

The most expensive player in the team is his compatriot Bruno Fernandes: 85 million euros. He is followed by Jadon Sancho and Antony, with 75 million euros.

On the other hand, in the Premier League, CR7 is the 171st ranked player by market value.
‘Lower’ value only when it was 19 years

Its valuation has gradually declined in recent years: 120 million in January 2018: 75 in December 2019: 60 in August 2020: 45 in June 2021 and 20 in September 2022…

Only when he was 19 years old, according to data from Transfermarkt, Cristiano was worth less than 20 million euros: in October 2004, he cost 18 million euros.
The future

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mistake happened in 2018 and not in his fight with Ten Hag now.

Now, in addition, Cristiano Ronaldo is also facing sanctions after his rudeness in the game against Tottenham. He left early in the dressing room and, as he has admitted, Ten Hag refused to enter the field.

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