If things don’t go to plan on the pitch, and if his post-split love life with Shakira is at the center of gossip in Spain and beyond, Gerard Pique can once again console himself with business. Over the years, the Catalan has invested in various businesses, some of which are guaranteeing him crazy income, even higher than what he earns from football.

His Kosmos has won the rights to host the Davis Cup, while Sorare, the start-up which is a strange mix of collectible and fantasy football, in which the defender has invested 3 million euros, is now worth more than 3 billion. So, at least when it comes to business, Pique is not wrong.
250 graves of the fifteenth century
Almost. As CadenaSER reports, the Catalans’ project to create a luxury hotel in Malaga has been halted… by a rather macabre discovery. Inside the land, which Kerald Holding, whose president is Pique’s father, bought for 20 million euros, a Muslim necropolis was found.There are over 250 tombs, most of them empty, which date back to the fifteenth century, just as the Catholic Monarchs of Spain were completing the Reconquista, conquering southern cities such as Malaga, still under the control of the Emirate of Granada.
The fact that there was something underground, an archaeologist explains, was already clear to Pique: “When they bought it, they already knew there were remains, they were even sure.”

The hotel will be built
Now, hOwever, the work must inevitably stop, even if the fact that the graves are almost all unused does not make it necessary to preserve the area.
“We have discovered only 5% of what used to be the great Muslim necropolis of Malaga, one of the largest in Spain” comments the person in charge of the excavation. “We are already working with the technicians and we hope that in January the construction of the next hotel will begin:” In the meantime, however, Pique finds himself on his hands witha new problem at an certainly not easy moment in his career and personal life. And who knows that he does not want to avoid touching the necropolis, to avoid also …the revenge of the spirits!

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