The World Cup that will start this Sunday in Qatar 2022 will not only be special for the fact that it will take place for the first time in winter, but also because it will most likely be the last World Cup for two of the most famous footballers. the greats of history. Of course, we are talking about Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, two stars who have characterized the world of football in the last 15 years, competing every year for every possible team and individual trophy.

In the extraordinary collection of trophies of the two footballers, who have won everything possible at club level, the most important trophy of all is missing: the World Cup.

The Argentine and the Portuguese will try to win it in Qatar and there is a possibility that the two much-
hyped stars of recent years could face each other in the grand final.
In the last few hours, both have decided to give their fans a special moment. In fact, on both of their
Instagram profiles, CR7 and Messi have simultaneously posted an image showing them both playing a game
of chess.

A rare image that is going crazy on social networks and that is going around the world. It is about an
advertisement of the famous Louis Vuitton brand, which seems to have finally managed to bring the two
eternal rivals together.

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