There are 24 hours left until the start of the World Championship ‘Qatar 2022’.

It is a different world as it will be held in the winter season for the first time and Qatar as a country has some stricter rules.

National teams are not allowed to wear the rainbow colored captain’s armband and anyone caught wearing it will be fined by FIFA.
However, the English are expected to go against the rules of FIFA and those of Qatar, as they are determined that on the arm of the captain Harry Kane will be the ribbon with the colors of the rainbow where it is written ‘One Love’.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham has told Sky News they are ready to fine England captain Harry Kane for wearing the ‘One Love’ banner at the World Cup.

“They haven’t given us any response to our letter,” Bullingham told Sky News.
“I think there is a possibility that we will be fined and if we are fined, then we will pay the fine. We think it’s really important to show our values. And that’s what we’re going to do,” Bullingham said.

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