The World Cup is the stage for the best footballers in the world, despite the fact that not everyone gets to go there every edition. But most of them will be in the Middle East this month. But what is the highest paid formation of “Qatar 2022”?

Of course, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are not missing, who will most likely have the last chance to win the trophy they lack in their glorious career.

While the players who play in the Premier League dominate, with 5 names in this 11.

France is the national team with the most presences (Mbape, Hernandez and Varan). The PSG striker is the highest paid player at £1.6m a week.

Brazil has two players, Casemiro and Neymar, while there is a place for the other national teams: Argentina (Messi), Portugal (Ronaldo), England (Arnold), Netherlands (De Ligt) and Germany (Nojer).

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