Wales’ national team has secured qualification to the World Championship after 64 years of waiting.
In fact for Wales this is the second time they have participated in a World, having previously played in 1958.
The British at the time had passed the groups and had reached up to a quarterfinals to be eliminated from Brazil.
Led by the legend Gareth Bale, Wales aims to make another successful appearance in the World.

The former assailant of Real Madrid has said he has dreamed of this moment since his young age.

“When I was a kid, I dreamed of seeing Wales play in a World Cup and be part of that team. The dream has come true, it’s unbelievable and I’m proud to play for my country ”, Bale said.
The aunt’s attacker also talked about the atmosphere in the National, until he said they expected to succeed.
“Now I’m in the seventh sky and of course we get messages from our friends. We see that there are high expectations of all Welshians ”.

“Flams of our country are placed through windows, there are people who walk with jerseys of the national team. Now I am ready to write the history of our country ”.
“Schools will close when our matches are played, it will be a really big moment in our history, and I hope we will have fun”, stated Bale.

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