Andres Iniesta is the name most loved by football fans in Spain.
The Catalan midfielder 12 years ago secured Spain’s first and only World Cup trophy thanks to a spectacular goal in the final against the Netherlands.

Inieista is currently playing in Japan, and has spoken about his national team saying that this team can repeat the success of 2010.

“I have a lot of faith in the coach, his staff and the players. I think this team can reach the top. The favorites of the group are Spain and Germany, but the team that can surprise is Japan”.

Next, the former Barcelona midfielder analyzed the Japanese National Team, evaluating it extremely highly.

“Japan have a very fast attack that can create a lot of danger. Mitoma who plays for Brighton in the Premier League, the midfielders who play in Germany, Endo, Tanaka and Kamada is a team with an incredible level,” said Iniesta.

The 38-year-old returned to talk about the most important goal of his career.

“It’s hard to say which is the best moment, as the goal takes all the attention, but one of the best things was the party when we got back to Spain. Between the television and my head, I have seen the goal scored millions of times. It was a magical moment.”

“Everything lasted less than a second, at that moment when I hit and the ball entered the goal I didn’t hear anything, everything froze. There are no words to describe that moment.”

“The most wonderful was Casillas’ reception with his feet. Neither action is simple. Decisive is to execute one technical action while the other is more intuitive and magical. “Casillas was once again a savior,” declared Iniesta.

Spain is in Group E along with Germany, Costa Rica and Japan.

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