At the WNorld Cup in Qatar, a journalist steals live on air. She was shocked by the reaction of the police. When Dominique Metzger was conducting interviews with fans in Doha before the first leg, she said a thief had opened her handbag.
The journalist, who works for the Argentine television network Todo Noticias, informed viewers that she had lost her money, identification card and credit cards. Although the pickpocket was not seen on camera, the channel showed the moment he is believed to have struck when she was talking to another fan.

Later, she revealed to viewers: “I was dancing with the crowd. I’m sure that’s when my bag was unzipped and my wallet was taken. I was on the air, in the middle of the crowd, listening to loud music and talking to you at the time, so I didn’t understand.”

Dominique said she lodged a complaint in a room designated exclusively for women at a police station in Doha. She was informed by officers that the capital’s Corniche neighborhood was being monitored by cameras.
The police would find the offender, she claimed, and she would decide how he would be punished. They asked me: “What do you want justice to do about this,” Dominique answered in shock. “We will track the portfolio. Hi-tech cameras are everywhere and we will use face detection technology to find the thief.

“What do you want the justice system to do to him when he is found?” Do you want us to sentence him to five years in prison, to deport him?’ He asked me to make the decision. I told them that I only want my wallet, I will not make the decision for the justice system”.

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