Yasir Al Shahrani is fine, despite the very violent intervention he suffered. He was the protagonist during the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, where Messi and his teammates were sensationally beaten on their World Cup debut in Qatar. A match that has already entered the annals of international football and the history of Saudi Arabia, as well as Argentina, but that experienced moments of pure terror when the collision occurred in the area between teammates, with goalkeeper Al Owais.

The footage captured by television cameras from around the world and the footage of the tackle was horrifying and yet, immediately after the horrific contact on the pitch, only the Saudi goalkeeper had understood the seriousness of the situation, while other teammates, the Argentinian players and the referee had carried on. game action. Equally touching were the videos of a distraught Al Owais, who burst into dramatic tears, perfectly understanding the situation towards his teammate, lying on the ground. Then, immediate assistance, immobilization and exit from the field on a stretcher.

Al Shahrani never seemed to lose consciousness, even giving a thumbs up as he lert the field to cheers of encouragement from the crowd, but the consequences were clear and serious. Saudi Arabia’s medical department, after immediate clinical checks, confirmed that Al Shahrani “suffered a fractured jaw, a collapse of facial bones and internal bleeding, which will require immediate surgery.”

him a private plane to be transferred immediately to ermany for the operation.
A video of Al Shahrani himself, who wanted to reassure all his fans and Saudi supporters, was published on
the official social networks of the Saudi national team: “I want to reassure everyone by confirming that I am
fine, God bless you. Pray for me! Congratulations to the Saudi audience for the win, you all deserve it. Thanks
to everyone!”

A few words, but they show how the worst is over and hoW the defender of Al Hilal somehow “miracled” after
a collision that could have had much more serious consequences.

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