Youri Djorkaeff, former champion of Inter and of the French national team, now Infantino’s personal advisor at FIFA, has also spoken about Italian football and the black and white in a long interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport.
The former midfielder explained his vision: “In Italy they always say we change’ and then nothing changes. Italian teams are no longer scary today. “Inter is in a somewhat dangerous situation. It is alwaysa strong club, but the impression is that it is shrinking”, Djorkaeff’s rather harsh comment.

And again: “There are few champions. The players are good, but there is no champion that can change the game. I like Lautaro, but he lacks pure talent.”
There was also a comment about Milan and the Frenchman Giroud: “Olivier started in Grenoble, like me. When he arrived in Milan, he wrote to me for advice about the city. I told him that everything was going well… but that the team was wrong.

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