Arsene Wenger has dared to predict a match between England and his France, two teams that he considers capable of going to the end of this World Championship.
“If everything goes according to plan, these two favorites England and France could meet,” declared Wenger, the former Arsenal manager, now FIFA’s head of global football development, as England prepare for Senegal and France for Poland. they are currently playing in the 1/8 finals.

“It’s never as easy as it looks on paper,” he added, noting how Argentina were challenged all the way by Australia on Saturday, but the 73-year-old expects those nations with the strongest teams to go further. in Qatar.

“The teams with the best reserves have the best chances to win, France being one of them. They were young when they won the World Cup and they can defend it. France went through tough times last year and came here with an appetite to win. France will be dangerous until the end.”

Wenger was presenting the group stage findings of his technical study group in Doha.

“The big teams have shown up,” he added. “England, one of them, outstanding in the first game, they fought in the second and then came back when they needed to be very convincing against Wales.”

“England have learned a lot in the competition and, unlike Belgium who are past their prime, England look to be a team now in their prime to develop. They have learned and still have a new team”, he continued.
Findings from Wenger’s technical studies include the changing role of the goalkeeper, who is now expected to play with his feet as well as his hands, and increased attacking in wide areas because teams are focused on defending in the middle.

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