Interviewed by today’s edition of the Spanish newspaper Marca, the full-back of Paris Saint-Germain but also of Morocco, Achraf Hakimi stopped to talk about many interesting topics and among them the choice to play with Morocco and not Spain…
“It is something unique to play for your country. And especially now that we are making history. It is incredible to see how people are experiencing this moment, it conveys a lot to us and gives us strength to continue doing great things. They are moments you will never forget, even more so when you make history. How much has Morocco grown? They are different groups, different players.

This is a new generation that is hungry, that wants to change things; We want to make history and that’s what we’re getting. Changing the
mentality towards the Arab world, saying why not, Arab teams can do great things in Europe. We are doing it, especially in the World Cup. Ihen, the decision to choose: “Spain tried everything and I was even invited to the gathering for 1 week, but in fact in the end I chose Morocco. Why? Because I noticed that didn’t feel at home in Spain and that I wanted to play for my country and where I felt comfortable”. Morocco is surprising everyone and, of course, passing the group after defeating both Belgium and Canada shows that this team has everything to surprise, and why it will now face a strong nation like Luis Enrique’s Spain., which came second in its group with Japan first and Germany eliminated..

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