This view is according to the latest statistics, outlined by Twitter account @VisualGame, which has gone through the record books to identify which players have created the most chances (assists) at World Cups.
After Messi’s magnificent performance against Australia in the last 16 on Saturday night, he has now equaled compatriot Diego Maradona with 67 assists in World Cup matches.

The Argentinian duo are a long way from the rest of the pack, with Wolfgang Overath in third place, with 59 chances created. While the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Mesut Ozil, Xavi Hernanez, Neymar and even Johan Cruyff have to settle for a place further down the list.
F12. Bastian Schweinsteiger – 41 assists
-12. Pierre Littbarski -41 assists
11. Xavi Hernandez – 42 assists
10. Michel Platini – 43 assists
9. Thomas Muller – 45 assists
8. Kazimierz Deyna -47 assists
=5. Mesut Ozil – 48 assists
-5. Kevin De Bruyne – 48 assists
-5. Alan Giresse – 48 assists
4. Lothar Matthaus – 49 assists
3. Wolfgang Overath – 59 assists
1. Diego Maradona -67 assists
1. Lionel Messi – 67 assists

Even more incredibly, both Messi and Maradona average 3.1 chances created (assists) per World Cup match, meaning they are exactly equal. Of course, Messi will have the chance to overtake Maradona as the 2022 edition continues, as long as Argentina are still in contention.

It’s intriguing to see the duo, who are so often compared to each other in their Own country, go head to head in this clash of statistics. Although, as can be seen in the tweet abOve, when it comes to the most successful dribbles in World Cup history, Messi can’t be touched.

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