His World Cup started with a bang: first touch and first goal. However, it was not something improvised. Rafael Leao is now a champion on several fronts, a footballer capable of dominating the Italian championship, of being decisive in Europe as well, with the ambition of becoming a protagonist with his national team in the World Cup in Qatar.
However, it still needs to grow. The Rossoneri coach Stefano Pioli is very convinced of this, as a guest in the “Sky Sport” studios, he commented as follows: “He still needs to make a leap in quality to be considered a champion. In the open field it becomes invincible, but there are times when we centralize it more, there are times when it falls short compared to what we would like. He is an offensive player, the closer he is to the area, the better he appears. If he stays a few minutes without touching the ball, he tends to slow down. He can play anywhere and he can do everything, he can become even more decisive in the area, I would like him to have more consistency and determination.

However, if we think about Rafael 2 years ago, we see the great progress he has made.. He is missing
something, like many others. he is still young and may not have his bag full, but he is smart and ready to
Pioli’s message is reproduced in its entirety to be read between the lines. There you can also find the advicee of the Red and Black coach for his young footballer: to stay at Milan. A not new advice, because two months ago, the same suggestion came to him from Paolo Maldini. In short, it is better for Leao to stay at Milan.

The red and black is the star, exalted. There is a coach who supports him and a manager who knows how to manage him. “I am sure” Pioli concluded, “of two things: that Leao is fine with us and that Paolo and Rafa are talking.” So let’s wait for good news. I love Lea, I think his jurney is not over yet. He gets along well with his teammates and is happy in Milan”

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