The coach of Japan, Hajime Moriyasu, has bowed to the fans of “Samurai” after the match against Croatia, and his photo has been circulating on social networks and has delighted all sports fans.
In this way, he respected them for their support throughout the tournament, and as soon as he finished with the salute, many Japanese footballers burst into tears.

On that occasion, Moriyasu gave an emotional speech to the players in the center of the field, expressing his gratitude to them for their efforts. “After the loss I thanked them for their efforts. I told them that doesn’t mean they didn’t do their best. We just couldn’t go beyond 1/8s. We beat Germany and Spain, but we couldn’t do anything more. Our players showed that an era has begun in Japanese football. They should use this strength and this loss should be their motivation to win next time. They have to keep developing,” said the Samurai coach.

We recall that the Croatian football team qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar after defeating the Japanese after penalties (3:1), and the hero was the goalkeeper Dominik Livaković, who entered the history of the World Cup with three missed penalties. In the quarterfinals, Croatia will play against Brazil, which won against South Korea with a score of 4:1.

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