Paige Milian, 27, and her three children were not at home when the gang broke in to rob. When RaheemSterling learned what had happened, he didn’t think twice about giving up everything to return to England and be near his family.
The “personal and family reasons” generally cited by the English Football Association found an explanation in the episode that took place on Saturday night, which saw the Chelsea player leave Qatar on the eve of the match against Senegal. He had other things to attend to.
His partner had informed him of the nasty surprise she found on her return home: watches and other valuables worth 300,000 pounds (about 350,000 euros) had been stolen from the flat, but, contrary to first media reports, neither she nor the boys had fallen prey to violence. The shock was very strong, but, apart from the great fear and anger at seeing one’s privacy violated, there was nothing else to worry about.

Surrey Police has reconstructed the dynamics of the event that happened two days ago. Ihe building where the player and his loved ones live is in a strategic position, 15 minutes by car from the sports center of the London blues, “Cobham”. “We are currently investigating a report of a burglary at an address in Oxshott Leatherhead, is the report from agents, who also specified how “occupants of the property returned home to discover a number of items had been stolen, including jewelery and watches”.
This is the detail that makes the difference compared to the most troubling situations, meaning that the woman and her children vwere not at home at the timme of the raid. There are other aspects of the story that are being looked into by investigators. The thieves believed they could act undisturbed, confident that no one would return to the residence. What gave them this assurance? They believed, after checking several posts shared on social media, that the footballer’s partner and children (aged five and three) were still in

Some photos published by the couple would have fooled them. In those images the two boys were ona cruise ship in Doha and the woman was enjoying a cocktail. The Sterling case has prompted law enforcement to believe that raids on the homes of sports and entertainment stars are planned with social media feeds in mind.
“Iraumatized and in shock, a source close to the family described sterling’s partner’s state of mind. “she was\ terrified, because she realized that if she had been there a few moments ago, who knows what would have happened to her and the children”
The robbery suffered by Sterling has alarmed the group of English footballers who are currently involved in the World Cup. Worried, they have alerted security guards to increase checks and 24-hour surveillance amid fears their homes are being targeted by organized gangs.

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