After 6-1 against Gzira United, the Inter team is preparing for the second friendly of the training camp in Malta. Tomorrow is Salzburg and Simone Inzaghi spoke at the press conference. The first topic, the situation of Onana’s exclusion from the World Cup for a dispute with the Cameroon coach:
“I heard him, he is calm. There was a misunderstanding that paid for it. I can only talk about what happens at Inter, he is a positive guy. He will be in Appiano on Friday to work with us.” Romelu Lukaku, eliminated in the group stage with Belgium, is also among those disappointed by the World Cup: “1 spoke to him, he was clearly disappointed, he played 45 minutes and had three chances, more than Belgium in the whole rest. When a striker has chances to score, he must stay calm.”

An eye on the potential January transfer market: “Tm lucky enough to have a club behind me, always attentive to what’s happening in the market.” Finally, on the potential return of the title: “Hope still exists, Napoli has made an important journey. However, there are still 23 games and there is room for everyone. We will have to be ready, we have won 10 games out of 15, but it is not enough. The grade point
average will have to improve.”

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