Ronaldo Nazario is an integral part of the World Cup in Qatar and follows every match of Brazil live, even interviews his compatriots after the matches and has really interesting conversations with them.

The “phenomenon” brings a really positive vibe to the Brazilian camp and all the players say his presence in Qatar serves as motivation, but unfortunately one member of the squad had to leave Doha for an operation in London.
Gabriel Jesus experienced a huge disappointment and suffered a serious knee injury in the game against Cameroon, due to which he will now have to rest for at least three months.

– Criticism can be constructive or destructive in one’s life. Words have the power to lift up and tear down—sometimes the same words that encourage one person discourage another. Therefore, it is important to be careful with what we say, but above all with what we hear. Because no individual can control what others say, we live in dark times of normalizing hate speech. So I think we can filter what reaches our ears.
– Jesus, your self-image should not be based on what others say. Never forget where you came from, because that boy who dreamed of becoming a player did not walk an easy path, full of many options and privileges. That boy did the incredible, the “impossible”, the extraordinary. He left Jardim Perry to conquer the world. He won several titles, was the top scorer, Copa América champion (decisive in the first title of the Tite era), Olympic champion (Brazil’s golden key). You are the Brazilian with the highest goal average in Premier League history.

– While many insist on comparing trajectories to disparage an athlete, I am here to remind you that your story is unique. He came to the national team on his merits and I hope he continues to shine. Get well soon, – said Ronaldo to Jesus.

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