Lionel Messi has been the absolute protagonist in Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands and sending his National Team to the semi-finals of the World Cup.

It was a very tense match where there were several clashes between the players during the match, but also after the match.

Lionel Messi has been very nervous in this match despite shining on the pitch with an assist and a goal.

After scoring the goal, Messi went and celebrated in front of the Dutch bench, right in the face of coach Louis Van Gaal.
Even after the end of the match, Messi approached the reserve bank of the Netherlands and had a few words for the Dutch coach, who had given some strong statements before the match, especially for the Argentine star.

Van Gaal had said that, unlike Argentina, his Netherlands knows how to play football and will show this on the field.

The seven-time winner of the ‘Golden Ball’ was very nervous, as after the match he said that it was seen that the Netherlands does not play football.
“Van Gaal said his Netherlands know how to play football, but we didn’t see that tonight. He had only introduced tall footballers and they only played with the ball up,” said Messi.

However, the captain of Argentina did not reveal what he said to Van Gaal, but from the footage it was seen telling him that he is talking too much.

It was Netherlands assistant coach Edgar Davids and the rest of the staff who tried to calm Messi down.

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