The representative of Brazil has been eliminated from the World Championship ‘Qatar 2022’, after losing to Croatia.

After 120 minutes of play, the score was equal 1-1, until Neymar scored the only goal for the Brazilians.
With the goal against the Croatians, Neymar equaled the record of the legend Pele, with 77 goals scored with the Brazil jersey.
This is how the Brazilian legend, despite being in poor health, sent a congratulatory message to Neymar for the record he equaled.

“I have seen you grow up, followed you every day and finally I can congratulate you for equaling my number of goals with Brazil. Unfortunately, the day is not the happiest for us, but you will always be an inspiration.”

“My record was set almost 50 years ago and no one has been able to come close to it until now. You did it boy. You know, as I do, that no number is greater than the joy of representing our country.”
“I’m 82 years old and, after all this time, I hope I’ve inspired you in some way to get here.”

“Also, I hope your success spreads to the millions of people who follow you to challenge the seemingly impossible.” Your legacy is not over. Continue to inspire us”, Pele wrote in his congratulatory message to Neymar.

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